Our Story

“Brighten Your Spirit”

Born in 2022, Jeejewels is a bahraini jewellery brand launched by Fajer AlHashel.

The brand inspiration came from Fajer’s grandmother who always wore uniquely designed jewellery pieces that was bought from her travels, and she always said that as women we need that beautiful original jewels to brighten our energy and soul throughout the day.

Jeejewels is about unique pieces hand selected from all over the world and fit to be worn as daily jewellery for any occasion. Sketches of the jewellery are designed by Fajer and are made some of the best jewellers from around the world. It’s a matter of taste. Based on demand and curiosity of people Fajer decided to start her own business handpicking, designing and selling unique jewelry pieces for everyday wear.

To ambitious people who are confident and celebrate themselves, we are the only daily-wear jewelry brand that offers colorful sweet and playful pieces that are also affordable because customers want versatile pieces that can work anytime, anywhere, each with a story, a vintage touch, a message that brightens their day and expresses their spirit with a bit of nostalgic joy.


“To become a recognized jewellery brand that is most loved spreding joy, happiness and inspiration.”


“Our mission is to make beautiful jewellery part of everyday life.”