A simple and unique person


Fajer Al-Hashel is a simple and unique person who loves beauty and art.

She started designing jewelry in 2014, where she design necklaces and decorated them, using customised names and birth gem stones. Fajer loves to go to the market in her free time and with her humble experience that she gained in the world of stones, she would examine and choose the finest types of stones in the market and then go to a friend’s workshop to design a beautiful and unique piece.

At that time, Fajer decided to start selling to her friends and relatives, and she created a simple account on Instagram to display her jewelry with her unique designs, where she received many requests and sales.

In Fajer’s words, she says that the most beautiful order that was placed was one from Qatar because she felt that it was a country far from her borders making her beyond happiness that her designs where far reaching.

Two years later, Fajer stopped designing and selling jewelry to customers due to her needing to focus on her master’s degree in education as well as her full time job as a teacher for people with special needs.

But she continued to design her own jewelry, and her students always noticed the jewelry she wore in different colors and tried to hold it and ask about it. From here Fajer knew that jewelry added a beautiful touch to its beholder and it sweetens the soul.

And then on a day in 2023, Fajer Al-Hashel decided to reignite her passion for jewelry, which she had dimmed many years back, returning to providing you the opportunity to own uniquely designed jewelry that will brighten your soul with its colors and beautify your day.

She creates unique pieces of jewelry that will make your soul and heart happy and bring back the nice memories.